How to export Windows Event Logs from command line or GUI

If you need to export Windows Event Log branches (Security, Application, etc…) to your desktop from command line on Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 or higher versions:


Click on Start

Type CMD

Right click on “Command Processor”, run as Administrator

Run the commands below to export “Security” logs on your desktop, with date & time stamp.

> cd %HOMEPATH%\Desktop

> wevtutil epl Security MyComputerSecurityLog.evtx


To do it from Event Viewer:

Click on Start

Type eventvwr.cpl

Press Enter

Go to Windows Logs

Click on branch you want to save, i.e. Security,

Right click, save all events as

Then save your events as evtx file.


Later you can view these files by simply double clicking or opening them on Event Viewer or a third party event viewer application.

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